Monday, August 20, 2012

What's the Catch? : J. Jonah Jameson Spider fight

To stop your growing collection and tempting buys??!!

Stop browsing the web and stop flea market visits.

Here are two deadly spots where hunting cannot be stopped.

I tried to resist but good buys which I cannot just look away and I mean this is one of them from my Sunday Flea market swing.

Complete with table which transforms into and spider and most of all, a readable newspaper !!!

I had a loose Jonah Jameson but I cannot turn away from a complete set that comes with its accessories. Will you???

They even make the newspaper like a real news which you can read it through my magnified picture. Amazingly fun!!!

Here he is and you will know why I loose to the toy side. The other buy will be reveal later...

Readable newspaper zoom in.