Thursday, August 30, 2012

Collection Exposed : TMNT SHELLRAISER 2003

Hello....The turtles are back with a new series and new sets again. The new ShellRaiser is great but I have a  bigger version from 2003. The only gadgets are the front winding hook, pop out sides cannons, 2 top firing missiles and an open top cover. That's it! Yes, big enough to load up the turtles and that makes TMNT toys so playable and real toys indeed, just like the 80's.

A very basic toy Van that still uses stickers to enhance it's features like headlights etc.

Here is the big guy!!!

Pictures are copyrighted by jimho 


  1. This one i need to pick-up to go with my new Turtles.

    1. I saw that you have the new ShellRaiser fromt he new series. Isn't that a great piece too?

      Still thinking whether to get that new ShellRaiser too and also the new turtles.Hmmm...