Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Toy Viewing : Marv of Sin City

Marv, a die hard character created by Frank Miller and being cast into the Movie, Sin City. Mickey Rourke portrayed Marv in roughness and toughness.

The movie has also brought a series of characters which NECA produced brilliantly and detailed sculpted as well.

Not a very popular line for mainstream collectors, this Marv stands at 18 inch is sturdy and stiff. As usual, electronic sounds plays some lines from the movie.

Since I collect 18 inches figures, this Marv just popped right in as I found him reasonably priced to purchase. You cannot expect articulation from this size of figures and they are just looking great and mighty standing and posing in his charismatic way.

I only found accessories such as the pistol and canister (?) Hmmm...I am suspecting I missed the necklace. Where is it?

The trench coat is well done except for a minor problem at the armpit area where you can see his white T-shirt inside which not supposed to be. But you have to have to had some sacrifice for the arm articulation isn't it. This trench coat should be similar to the Eric Kraven, Crow, which is also produced by NECA.

The boots are well-sculpted with a loosely tied laces and ruggedness. This is somewhat similar again to The Crow.

Anyway, admire the box art given and the figure I posted of Marv, the hardy man.


Marv versus Marvel Rhino


  1. Man this one is nicely detailed.

  2. Yes, he is one figure which need a serious look to give him some justice on his details. You really have to open him out to bring out the gem.