Thursday, May 26, 2011

Portraits of Toyz : Vanity of the Heroines

Here are some sneek peek of the femme nikitas from the another dimension which I took some years back.

They are from part of my collections and here is how I picture them in vanity fair.

I may do a dedicated column to expand each individual's shots.

To kick start, here are just some previews of my portraits of toys.

1. Dawn - Goddess of both birth and rebirth. Black and white shot with a rose on her palms and curling stem around her wrists. (Copyrighted by jimho 2007).

2. Lotus Angel Warrior from Samurai Spawn Series.(Copyrighted by jimho 2007).

3. Gretel from Twisted tales of Mcfarlane creation.Copyrighted by jimho 2007)

4. She Hulk frontal portrait taken from Marvel Select series.(Copyrighted by jimho 2007).

5. Valkerie from Dark Age series of Spawn.(Copyrighted by jimho 2007).

6. Eowyn in Armour from Lord of the Rings.(Copyrighted by jimho 2007).

Note: Quality of shots here are reduced for optimize uploading. Any prints requested will be in the original quality pixel size.

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