Tuesday, November 25, 2014

2014 Haul of Fame : The Brady Bunch

Today, I have to introduce some of the hauls which I find over the past months which did not manage to get a limelight. I will try to them a post to address their uniqueness.

For a quick overall, I think it will be interesting to show you a round up group shot.

I have finally complete my Mutant Earth collection with the inclusion of Gallowz and Grippler who are on the right back. Both are super detail figures even for this age.

The Scarecrow and Penguin from the Legends of the Dark Knight series are also joining the same batch of baddies whom I have recruited previously, like Man-Bat and Clayface. These are still great figures to add for Batman fans.

I even managed to get 2 Aliens figures from the Kenner lines which I will showcase them in a post later.

All these figures should give you something to look forward in my posts while Christmas is coming.

Happy Hunting and Happy Holidays my Friends....Stay Happy !

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  1. nice haul. i really like to see more photos of those zombie-mutants or whatever they're called. they look wicked!

    1. Thanks. I am working on them. Will post them up soon to expose their wickedness. Cheers.