Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Collection Exposed : Land of Oz. #Mcfarlane

One of my childhood regular TV or cartoon series is catching glimpse of Wizards of Oz and the characters are trying to be what they hope for. But I never yearned for any action figures back then for them.

However, I will not be tempted if they made the regular figures until I saw the twisted version done by McFarlane toys. As always, impressive sculpting and added accessories that brings out the awe in the toys.

And it comes with some gore and blood and sex appeal which is not for the young. Parental guidance is required for these figures.

The first figure that impresses me is the Lion that comes with immerse crazy sculpting and battle scars but his head sculpt is what captures the warrior in him.

The Woodman is one figure that features many articulations which unlike McFarlane toys.

And next comes Toto, a beast like creature that have translucent skin texture which you can see his internal organs.

The rest are scarecrow that has some good messed up sculpting and crows to go along, the wizards which I have yet to find his strengths and lastly Dorothy, who screams a whole lot of sex appeals.

Nevertheless, you never get over these splendid figures with limited action but will never wish they came alive......

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  1. Am not a fan of the Wizard of OZ never have been even as a kid. And these figures creep me out just a little too.

  2. I remember seeing these at my local comic shop back in the day.