Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to Catch a Dragon?

Transformers craze is back again with the new movie jamming in this month. This is going to be a big summer time for all soccer fans and transformers fans in a single month.

Before this line gets really crazy, it is time dig back an older series from Beast Hunters, which somehow lacks a strong appeal to many. However, there are still some robots worth a penny in my pocket.

The Predaking is one Ultimate figure to hunt and it got to be a worthy price point before I nail it.

Well, as patience do pays off, I finally decided on the Ultimate version over the Cyberverse Voager class.

The awesome wingspan and scale is what attracts me aside from the robot mode that is equally impressive.

There are many good reviews out there for you to decide your buys but nothing beats holding it.

So the Dragon lands and here is my PREDAKING !!!

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