Friday, February 7, 2014

Toy Viewing : Megatron from Dark Of the Moon

Have been contemplating with this guy and pondering whether to get him since the movie is out. Finally, gave in at a good price.

He is not very appealing if you see him in the package. Firstly, he is dull, small for Megatron and too pricey to match up himself.

However, after going through multiple reviews and there is no Leader Class Megatron in this design available by Hasbro, I have to give him a try.

Some toys look great inside the package but this Megatron needs to be released from his plastic enclosure to appreciate his nemesis and glory.

As he is a Voyager class, he is on a smaller scale, however, you will find him smaller than usual and he does not match in scale with other Voyager class characters, which makes him less a leader.

In terms of transformation, he is not very tricky but still require some minor challenge to twist him around to get into his truck mode. A lot of engineering thoughts and details have been put into this guy but the appearance has somewhat put many collectors on the bay.

In terms of accessories, he comes with a cloak like rubbery accessories that double up both as a cloak in robot mode and also a cover for his tanker in truck mode.

The mechtech cannon is a good inclusion but I would like to have the hand rifle that he used in the movie. That will be a nice accessory for him to pose with.

Overall, I prefer his truck mode more than robot mode, however, it will be his size that takes out the points in him.

If you ever see him at your reasonable price, take him down.

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  1. I think he is cool but i won't pay a lot for one and that Shockwave looks great!

    1. Yes, he is cool. Get him at your preferred price. Soundwave is cool too. You may view my review on him as well. I was hoping for a leader class megatron of this mode back then but it never came.