Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wolverine fights Robo enemy !

Training for fights, simulation is one program where X-Men gets to fight in tandem.

As Wolverine ego picks up, will he wins this fight over the Robo Sabretooth incarnation.

Looking as proud and fierce as always.

Faces down with the nemesis.

He sure is tough and throws the wolf on the ground.

Snapping off his claws. Will Wolverine give up?

This is an action figure pair from the X-Men Robo fighter series which was produced back in the 90's. As know for this limited articulations, Wolverine features removable claws with a bad hair do.

The Robo has a face of Sabretooth and rotating arms and claws. While he turns, the arms rotates which is a play features for toys back then.

This is how toys are design in the 90's with added fun features and looks lame now. However, toys are meant to be fun where now they became a display.

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  1. This is one playable set that can take a lot of beating. Haha.