Monday, February 24, 2014

Flashback : Maverick of Marvel !

Lately, I have been doing Flashback for my earlier toys as they start flooding out of my collections. Looking at them, it does reminds me when I bought them and maybe who they are. Most of these toys never get the limelight in the cyberspace now and so it is time I feature them in my blog to you.

They definitely do not fit into the high standards of the toys now, however, they have some charisma which today's toys are losing. They are the grandfather of today's toy's success.

Ok, today, I have Maverick from Marvel produced by Toy Biz in 1994. Initially, I do not know who he is but after researching in the internet, I can proudly present him as Maverick to you.

Little have I known about this character but for the action figure, he is just one simple basic 5 inch figure that only comes with 8 points of articulation coupled with a Quick Draw Weapon Action. A play feature characteristics of 90's toys. The stunts which you probably can get him to articulate is fairly limited, which is just about what you will see below.

Paint work is lousy, blemishes here and there. The unique part is where the 4 cables are attached from his backpack to his head.

He comes with 2 weapons and I lost one of them but I replaced with another in the picture.

What do you think? Still as Cool.....?

For some reference on the original card back on how he looks in package !

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  1. I remember seeing this guy a lot back in the day at the Kaybee Toy Store in our local mall.

    1. He is a peg warmer during those days.

  2. I would urge Hasbro to create a 6-inch scale Marvel Legends version of Maverick. This guy, Bishop and Forge are one of my favorite X-men characters.

    1. Would like to see how hasbro design him into.