Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flashback : Mystique Monster Armor

Today in Flashback, we have X-Men Monster Armor series, Mystique.

Back in the 90's, Marvel has chunk out various representations of the comic characters and one unique series features Mystique, Rogue, Cyclops, Sinister and Wolverine which depicts them as Monster mutation.

Here, I have Mystique which is still awesome even for her age and with the snap on parts, she transform from a 5 inch figure into a 6.5 inch Monster.

As a basic figure, she is based on her signature comic costume and the monster parts are sculpted with claws, furs and skulls. That is something cool to see on a 90's figure.

Back then, I did not really take notice of such details when I bought her and mainly because she is cheap at that time of purchase. Torn it open and that's it. However, when I pull it out today and examine the details on her, it makes me realizes we will probably not get such toys anymore.

The one things still stands out about her, is the plastic quality that she has which can withstand multiple battle damage, scrapping only the paint works but not the structure.Mine just shown some yellowing and minor wears to go along for some style.

Such snap on features are fondly adapted in the 90's toys and sometimes, it do not hold so well. Just like the mask on Mystique, it cannot snap on snugly onto her head.

If you put such toys on the front today, how many will even take a look at them now.

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  1. I love the design of this one so I must have one now!

    1. I consider this is one of the best out of the rest in the series. They will stand out great together. Maybe I will start to search for them as well. Haha. Good luck.