Friday, April 19, 2013

Toy Viewing : Ghostbusters

Back in the early 80's, Ghostbusters Movie was a big hit and all are amazed with the effects of ghosts and sci-fi is a boom.

The most vivid scene to me is the library scene where we first saw slimer. I still prefer Slimer in the cartoon series since he is portrayed in a cuter way.

Amongst the gadgets used by the ghostbusters to capture the ghosts, the transport ECTO-1 is an iconic vehicle, a 1959 Cadillac Miller Meteor ambulance.

Toys have been went into collectibles and finally Mattel started to re-make the Ghostbusters franchise action figures.

Since the Matty guys are continuing to give us quality action figures but prices are plummeting into non-kiddish tags with inflation on the mark. No wonder, children gave up toys and grown ups took over the fun and collecting.

That is not the issue here, or rather let's talk about the four famous ghostbusters I have over here.

Peter Venkman, Dr Raymond "Ray" Stanz, Dr Egon Spendler and Winston Zeddermore.

Compare the older figures, this set are getting good articulations, great head sculpt and detail proton packs to go along.

Even feature a ghost trap with blazing effects to go along.

If you ever wanted a set of Ghostbusters. Get a set of four in their iconic jumpsuit and packs, that should be a good enough for a flashback collection set.

 Peter Venkman

 Dr Egon 


Dr Ray



  1. They are very articulated compare to their predecessors.