Friday, July 3, 2015

The Dark Kryptonian of #Superman

When the Superman movie rises on the silver screen again in 2013, the Man of Steel are resurrected by Mattel under their Movie Masters line of action figures.

This series aims at adult collectors and a price point to match at that time of sale which pulls them away from the reach of regular kids wanna have some fun. Even with the adult collectors marketing label, the figures do packed some serious amount of details to please.

In the series, I have picked up my favorite figures and they came from the dark side.

General Zod, Faora, Black Superman and Jor-El.

General Zod is a competitive fave as he not only looks cool in his Kryptonian armor and comes with a head gear, he is is like Darth Vader in Superman with an added cape. The quality and the build is great and steady. Somehow the skin tone for this series of figures do lack of some shading.

Faora is another good contender in this series but her head sculpt seems to be off due to the size. from an angle, she looks good but not so much from the front. If she were to have a removable head gear and that will be nice addition. Her costume details are well-sculpted but they did the lazy cost cutting part by fixing the weapon on her.

Back suit Superman is a repaint version of the regular blue costume and he do have some details hidden under the black coloring and they are textured. The eyes are red and he have a decent resemblance of the actor, Michael Shannon.

Lastly, Jor-El, he does not have a varied figure and we are stuck with this dark tone blue and bronze armor top combo costume. Details from shoulder to toe and he will look better out of the box. I am not sure of the actual movie shows that his costume have attachments on both sides of his arms to body. He does have good decent resemblance to Russell Crowe in my opinion.

All four figures are nice addition if you are fans of Superman and the movie. I would suggest picking the ones you like from the series.

Happy hunting !

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