Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dark Knight Returns #Superman

A good Superman figure is hard to determine and it is your own to find. However, in the Dark Knight Returns version of Superman by Frank Miller, this is a bulk up Superman with hard straight face features.

And this is one of the many Superman figures that is worth the attention.

As there is another later release by DC Direct in a boxset, the color rendering is different and darker than the first version came out in the standard single box card.

The first version features a brighter blue color of Superman and comes with Batman cowl and the broken arrow of Green Arrow.

I personally liked the color and size of this Superman, he is steady in build and comes with cool accessories where we do not usually get for Superman figures except for a base.

If you like Frank Miller version of Superman or a hunkier Superman, add him to your collection for a change.

To help you further on your decision, I have link up other sources of review for your judgement,
Happy Hunting!
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