Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Archer of bullseye... Marvel Hawkeye

The legendary marksman with the eye of the hawk....Hawkeye !

The Marvel Legends in the Toybiz era has produced the classic Hawkeye with a style and accessories to kill. Even with the lastest release of Hawkeye from Hasbro, this version still never fails to excite fans alike as he possess accessories yet to be beaten.

Though he is on a skinnier side and set with a pair of sad eyes, he draws the full classic appeal that a Hawkeye should be. The backpack which sling on his shoulder is sculpted with an extra bow and 3 fixed arrows. Another 6 arrows with different heads can be stored but due to the size, it makes storing all 6 arrows difficult. Out of the 6 arrows, my favorite is the Ant-man arrow, where is lies at the arrow head in ready position. The bow has sculpted eye piece and string for real action firing of arrows. However, it takes pain in getting him set in archery position with the arrow and gets on your nerves easily.

Overall, a good 6 inch action figure and still holds his place as a dignified Hawkeye of Marvel legends to date. Thank you.

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