Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ant Superman

Do you know there is an Ant Superman?

With Marvel Ant-Man coming up and getting hot, let us explore the little known Ant Superman in Action Comics #296 where Superman is transformed by Red Kryptonite and assumes the power to communicate with ants. I do not think he can shrink!

His head came as part of the addition in the DC Direct Showcase Superman where you will get 4 sets of interchangeable heads and two pairs of hands. Since the alternate 3 heads are very interesting addition as a Superman collection, I will make it an exclusive post for each individual head sculpt as each shares a unique character even though they belong to a single set.

The articulation is pretty basic for DC Direct figures if you are familiar with them or even possess one of the figures. As for the cape, there is no "S" sign at the back of his cape in this design.I have the regular head Superman shown below and show how all attachments can assemble into an alternate Ant Superman combo!

It is rare to have an interchangeable heads and hands for Superman figure and this should be the only one until today.

The tentacles on the head are removable and articulated for better signals to communicate with Ants? I suppose not. The Ant-Superman is not ultimately great but an interesting addition into the Superman collection. How often do you see alternate Superman characters being made? 

So who makes a better ant ambassador? Ant Superman or Ant-Man?

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