Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mutant Earth : Maloch Holiday

From my Mutant Earth collection, I have delayed the shoot for Maloch and here is the time for him to take on the center stage.

I do not know much about this character but it is one creation from Stan Winston studio who brought us the infamous Terminator and Aliens. So how wrong can you go for the toys that he had designed.

He is an early 21st Century figure and even now the details on him alone is of great standards. You cannot say much about his articulations which is a typical 9 pointer and comes with an interchangeable arm for a power packed machine gun. You can plug it into any of the both arms for a change.

Immense details on machine parts and alien like body are just some highlights for this figure. A part Alien part machine hybrid and he is one of the four figures I had in this series which I have shared in my blog.


  1. Don't know anything about this series so it is super cool to see this guy.

    1. Yes, he is out of the radar range which need a little introduction. Thanks John