Thursday, May 8, 2014

Master & Servant..Scourge #mcfarlane

It's May and my first post is here.

From my toy archaeology dig, I found the Scourge !!! Anyone knows it?

Well, he is from the Spawn Series 7 designed and produced by McFarlane. Rising from his birth in 1996, I finally dug him out for an exhibition.

For a bony skeletal figure, he is very good in detail and sculpting and very much well done for bones, which your dog may not pass it off for lunch.

As in McFarlane style, the articulation is limited with access to arms, hips, neck and minor jaw closure. He also comes with an articulated minion to go along which he can be stalled in Scourge rib cage. How cool is that!

For a toy that is much forgotten or never known by some, he is very much available for you to dig him out. Keep digging...

#mcfarlane #spawn


  1. Looks like he belongs in the Skeleton Warriors line.

    1. You can recruit him into your army of Skeleton Warriors. :)

  2. This figure looks wicked! I would want it to fortify my undead army.

    1. He will be a good fortification !.