Saturday, February 9, 2013

Toy Viewing : Jean Grey the Dark Phoenix

From the Marvel Legends produced by Hasbro, they gave us Jean Grey from the X-Men Movie.

She is on the evil mode as I would put it since her make up here is glowing with anger and bursting into flames. It is another variant of the original.

This figure is not very welcoming since her sculpt is on a not so-so side and not a beautiful Jean that you would expect. But looking it hard, she does have some beauty in it. Her hair sculpting and Victorian dress does well and with this version of pale and dark eye-shadow make-up, she can double up in the Twilight movie action figures.

Basically, her outlook and clothes are great enough though not fantastic face sculpt. And if you got her at a reasonable price, she is one considerable figure to pick it up.



  1. Not crazy about this one because of it's face but it's dress is nice.

  2. Yes. this ain't a crazy figure to have.