Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Collection Exposed : Egyptian Batman

A man of many gadgets and stunts. Batman has been to the Egyptian Era and he is still the cape crusader.

From the Legends of Batman, this set comprise of Egyptian Batman and Egyptian Catwoman. Both crafted by Kenner.

Figures from this era features basic and limited articulation compare to current standards but they are hardy and playable. Tough enough to sustain damages impact from serious fun.

He can only pull one stance. You just cannot force him.

To proclaim as an Egyptian style, he comes with an Egyptian headgear, a Bat logo staff and a removable cape. Wow!!! When you are in the 90's.

Something to note that he is not even 6 inch tall. 


  1. Like the design here but hate the stance he is end.

  2. Those were the classic limitations of action figures back then. He looks crude in every turn of the legs.