Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#StreetFighter Akuma Fight !

One of the best known fighters in the world of street fighters, Akuma or in Japan, he is known as Gouki, the Master of Fists..!!!

Besides my Neca version of him, here is the Play Arts design with interchangeable head and hands.

A fairly pose-able figure standing and a good size for Gouki. The only gripe would be his head sculpt which is a little too extreme. He has the full head pop off for change rather than the face off done for Ryu, which looks creepy. For the fun, he is given another variant head to try on. Guess who?

Nothing beats a good street fighter with details and size to match.  I bet you will not be disappointed with him.

Have fun and figure on.....!

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Video Review by AnthonysCustoms

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