Saturday, August 22, 2015

Levitation #Superman (Hush version)

How many Superman do we need?

With many versions of Superman designed through DC Direct, Mattel and flooding into other makers, I eventually still love the designs from DC.

And this Superman smitten by Poisy Ivy have decorated with leaves on his neck and hand. No love bite?

The posture is a levitation state of Superman after his battle Batman showing off his torn cape. Cool to have torn cape of Superman sculpted.

He is supported by the rod attached to his back and stuck to a Batman base with stones. It is kind of weak on the stability due to the base size but the levitation trick works fine.

This Superman is on a smaller size compares to other DC Direct Superman and sculpted with an edgy face coupled with red beaming eyes.

I would seriously recommend him as a unique design for Superman for his posture and torn cape with a touch of Poison Ivy on him. Why not!

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