Thursday, May 29, 2014

What's the Catch : The Collecting Game.....

One of the best catch experience that a collector ever experience is to buy that item that you wanted but never gotten until a good price point makes it's worth. I know this does not sound like a true collector mindset but sometimes there are figures that you aren't going to pay that much for.

For me, sadly but gladly, these are the guys that keeps my collecting game going fun.

Right on the list are......Iron Patriot from Iron Man series which I still think he is the best of the series but it is one figure that I go without unless it's the right price for me.

Second, Supreme Starscream from the Year of the Horse. This big robot had my attention simply because he is Big and transform into a cool plane. He is a rebirth chance to get as I have missed the Cybertron series of him. Why spend more money getting the previous version where you can have it new and at the hack of bargain.

Third, came on the Hell Spawn and Issue 109 Spawn which I had missed out and getting way too expensive over my region. The opportune time has come to acquire these 2 assets at reasonable costs.

Fourth, gotten a vintage figure where almost forgotten or never remembered.....Coglistro from McFarlane. Who is that? Never mind about the identity if you do not recall, but he sure makes up for a good knights to go with my Lord of the Rings gang.

And here they a glimpse from my instagram shots.

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  1. That Starscream is also on my list. The item on the top of my list has only gone up in price and I have never seen one at a price I could justify paying and that is the Figma Urusei Yatsura Lum figure. I didnt get her when she released and now she is so expensive I will never own her.

    1. The Starscream is cool but there are some points which disappoints me but with a cooler price, I am happy with that. Patience pays. Keep looking.

  2. Sweet! Congrats on finally landing these.

    1. Thanks John. Looks like you have much more sweets lately. Haha