Monday, October 21, 2013

What's the Catch? : Marvel Legends Modern Thor and Modern Armor Iron Man

Still in my Marvel Legends craze, I recently picked up two figures from the Marvel legends series. Each from either decade, Toybiz Modern Armor Iron Man and Hasbro Modern Thor.

From the package, we can easily identify their origins as a collector or Marvel enthusiast, and see how far and how little Marvel Legends has gone.

Hasbro is making efforts to catch up where Toybiz has left and it starts to gain some prominence in its sculpt and details but lacking the accessories that the predecessor put in. Face it, we can never get what a decade ago presented to us in terms of price, quantity and may be quality, but looking forward, we do get some good stuff and more with less.

I have tried to stay away from this Modern Armor Iron Man with so many negative reviews on him but I just have to give him some credits for the detailed base which he came with although he is kind of thin.

As for Modern Thor, I chose him over the SDCC version as I can forgo the packaging and settle with the more succumb version of him, rather than the lightning effect that somewhat looks comical to me.

For some reminiscence, these are what I got before I tear them out for freedom.


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    1. Yes, this is one figure with great face sculpt and base to go together. You may give it a try too.