Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Toy Viewing : Black Heart of Marvel Legends

Black Heart from the Marvel Legends series produced by Toybiz.

This figure caught my attention not because of his origins but the fact that he is the most Alien kind amongst the marvel legends figures and seemingly resemblance to Aliens as in the movies. I can easily match him up with my other Alien figures and non action figure enthusiast will even mistake him for one of the kind.

Well, he is indeed a unique figure to own. Reading many reviews before I got him, I contemplated with the usual problem of standing and without the help of his long tail, standing is almost impossible. He is kind of stiff to me in terms of articulations, however, the details from from his head to toe nails are immerse.

He might have inherited some details from the Predator which may genetically link to both Predator and Aliens creation, just like in the hybrid Predator-Alien in the movie.

The ragged texture on his body, legs, arms and hands gives a good sense of creep to his figure.

His feet are featured like the Aliens feet which can articulate to stand on his front toes.

He is touched up with purplish blue and black colors which makes him glow in the dark.

Overall, a great figure for me but he does take up some space since he needs his long tail for support and that means he needs depth in your shelves.

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