Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What's the Catch?: HotWheels Die-Cast

Have been really busy and lacking on my posts lately. But hunting still goes on but I need to be careful on what I hit on.

While I was going around and taking my rounds, browsing in the local toys department, I would somehow, meddle around with HotWheels little cars occasionally. This time, I found some little ones which caught my eyes.

I admit, I do buy some along the way but I am not a die-hard HotWheels collector. Just hitting some occasional buys.

Today, I got 3 of them.

A '70 Camaro, a '49 Drag Merc and HotWheels Imagination series - Semi-Psycho

This Camaro is a track tester and comes with Hotwheels logo on the front side. It's the same facelift when BumbleBee first take it's form as a vehicle in the movie.

The '49 Drag Merc is super low on suspension as it is on a drag race. Cool decals, yellow and chrome front.

The Semi-Psycho is one vehicle design which reminds me of a train and the color pops out with big size rims. Cool.

They just got back and these are some quick picture of them to share with you. I may tear them out to show their glory soon.



  1. Nice!You should pick-up the bump car hot wheel they have it's pretty neat looking.

  2. Thanks. Did not get to see it! Let me check it out. Just pick up some Hotwheels. Will showcase them soon. Some are so well painted.