Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Toy Viewing : Beast Hunters BulkHead

Beast Hunter's BulkHead is the only one transformer which I wanted to pick him up. The rest are just goners for me.

I saw Ratchet and he is kind of cool but am not going to touch him for now.

So I finally got my hands on BulkHead and he does live up to what I expected but some flaws on the vehicle mode. It's kind of loosely packed compared to the previous Transformers done.

The front wheels are not secured well when transform into vehicle mode though it still rolls. No cornering for this guy. You get a serious roll over.

With transformers toys churning out by Hasbro are getting a downgrade in their quality. Cheapness makes a full frontage when you grab that toy. The colors of the plastics are light and the best example will be Bumblebee (in my opinion). Some toys are bringing back memories when I bought toys over the little "mama" shop that sells combat army toys. They just look so cheap.

Fortunately, Bulkhead is still above the average but not escaping the disasters.

Here is the Bulkhead.


  1. Am a Go-Bot guy vs Transformers but there are some I really do like. Bulkhead here is one I was eyeballing because I really like his design.

  2. Oh Yeh. Then you must get this Bulkhead. He is the best in the whole lot. The only one worth buying if you only have to choose one from the series.