Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Collection Exposed : Batmobile 2003

Here comes the Batman fever again and I am showing my Batmobile of 2003 version.

This is a controversial piece of toy back then, when Mattel releases it and kids starts picking up and getting into a poking hazard. Compliant flies and Mattel calls back the Batmobile for modification control.

Enough of the history. This batmobile is big and reveals a separate bike which Robin can ride out for a hit attack.

With that bike in place, the batmobile looks handicapped with a thruster missing and incomplete. I can do without the bike and go with a complete set of 2 thrusters for the Batmobile.

Nice paint work and the detachable wingspan can be attached to Batman. You can use it as a boomerang, comes quite handy as well.

Seen in video reviews out there, this piece is neat and cool. Details are immerse down to the rims. Rolls well well rubbery tires, not those plastic tyre that goes rumbling around.

Now just have to find Batman and Robin to sit in to roll..........

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