Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Beginning of Predators

Before McFarlane, before Neca, there was Kenner.......who designs and produces the Predators line of action figures.

It is the era when toys are made for fun and a touch of details put into them to instil some level of interest for the adult collectors. The overall build are also meant to take the beating of the kids and weapons and accessories are bigger in an awkward proportions for its size which are usually non-fragile.

Suited with clumsy weapons that fires projectiles, they still preserve a unique charm in them. Time just stuck in the 90's with these guys when you get the hand of them.

No matter how their size proportions are out and how inaccurate they look, they bridge both kids and adults together for play and collection even until today.

Here, I have the Lava Planet Predator, NightStorm Predator and Renegade Predator with Alien from fellow collectors. They each comes with removable masks and who can resists a Predator with a removable mask? It's just too cool to turn away unless you have a face-off with them........

Even with the upgrades being done for them, they are still legendary in their own ways.

Nightstorm Predator

Lava Planet Predator

Renegade Predator

Warrior Alien

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