Friday, January 9, 2015

2014 TMNT Turtles - The Movie Edit

What's with the turtles power that brings them to another movie since the 90's. But this time we have a new version of turtles from the Michael Bay movie and I got to say, they got character infused in each figure.

Some might not like these designs of turtles which in the beginning I was not amazed by them too. However, after looking at them seriously, they each are individual design based on their characteristics and sizes varies.

Of all, Mickey is always the funny goofy turtle and jamming with his MC style donning a sweat shirt warpa around his waist gave him some Rap hype. For this 11 inch turtle, he came with 2 nunchucks and with some details on it.

Donatello has always been a techie turtle and the "Ghostbusters" inspired backpack plus his glasses makes him a tech nerd. But this "nerd" is one fighting turtle that handles a retractable bo staff which he invented.

Raphael as usual is a temperamental turtle and getting a beefy build, makes him a serious workout turtle that means serious fighting and brawl. His signature pair of sai unfortunately, is too thick in the handle to fit in between his fingers to do the pose. In the movie, I saw a Chinese character on his bandana and some tattoos on his shell which are missing in this figure.

Lastly, Leonardo, the leader, does have some awe in this young turtle who wields a pair of Katanas. He wears a samurai inspired armor and he is the only one who can store his katanas on his back shell.

These 11 inches figures are designed for kids to take some battle blows but some level of details are observed in them. The gripe is the lack of paint to bring out those details in them.

Overall, I like these figures and they are unique amongst the turtles out there. May not appeal to all but it does good enough for me.





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  1. The movie designs aren't my favorite... but I do like the toys.

    1. You may want to take a second look ! Cheers Buzz

  2. The toys do look nice...i might get some in the future.

    1. You will not regret it. Give them a chance.