Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Spawn VII on Throne

This is Spawn from Series 21 and like many other Spawn incarnation done by McFarlane, he still puts a WOW factor amongst all other action figures along the line. Though he cannot be truly classifies as an action figure due to his extreme lack of  "proper" articulations, he is still one fine dude that you will take notice of.

The box is not very impressive and plainly done which you can do without it. The position and his pondering mind over the skull on his hand makes a statement to the whole feel of this figure, other than it's impressive detailing added to his throne.

But he is a bit on a small and skinnier side compares to his other counterparts which might be due to his rat infested throne. Pest busters anyone?

Overall, a neat piece of art for display even he is more than a decade old.

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