Sunday, July 13, 2014

Heroes of Pacific Rim

Coming from the Pacific Rim series, Neca has brought us the 3rd wave of Robots even when the movie has drained out it's appeal. This shows that the toys are selling well to get us another series.

Other than Crimson Typhoon that I missed out, here are the 4 Robots that I have.

These are just amazing good robots to spice up your collections.


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  1. Had a few of these myself but felt they didn't fit into my collection so i passed them along.

  2. Love these figures but I'm only keeping an eye on those 18-inch ones.

    1. The 18 inch are too big and space consuming for me though they are great addition but I shall stay on the 6 inches. Post it up when you got them. You have the 18inch Knifehead? Heard there is a 18inch Cherno Alpha. wow!