Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Toy Viewing : Sasquatch of Marvel Legends

Sasquatch from the Toybiz Marvel Legends line is one of the under-rated figures and I would say he is an interesting figure which can double up as Big Foot, Yeti which you may need to fill in for other toy lines you may have. He is so versatile.

Being a Marvel Legends figure, he is packed with details which are hidden under the orange tone paint job and you have to examine him clearly to appreciate.

Not only he is a tall figure which matches up the Abomination, his facial features, claws and feet are well-sculpted.

Mine just cannot stand well on its own and tends to fall, but I have managed to explore the poses which is able to bring out his nemesis to showcase here is one that he will not fall, yet coupled with action and sense of speed.

For a snapshot, here is Sasquatch in orange. In case, you like it white, he has another variant in white.


  1. His body was also used for the Marvel Legends Man-Ting i think.

    1. Too bad I do not have that figure but judging from the pictures, I think so too. Only difference is the head sculpt. Both are great figures to come by.