Monday, June 11, 2012

What's the Catch? : DUKE NUKEM

DUKE NUKEM......I don't play the game, I don't even know this guy. Weird ???!!!

Now I got his action figures. What nonsense is this? You may ask.

And I will say, that is toy collecting.

Upon googling, I came to know he is a popular game character back in 1990's til recent Neca new make of Duke Nukem Forever figure. I even found out that the game is full of Aliens, muscle and babes....

Duke is total combo of Arnold, Rambo and City hunter play. All in one hero.

Why I get them. Cheap and detail figures. I mean real cheap for a carded figure although card condition is bad. To me, this is an opened toy.

I actually like the Octabrain which is very cool and detail. Pig cop is another cool pig to have too.

Duke is a regular action figure to me.

But toys like these are hard to come by and has to be preserved. It is a no competition collection and so is the price.

Made in 1997 and by Resaurus ( the company that made my street fighters collection).

I am missing the Battle lord which destiny may bring it up to me. Time being is to tear it up and release the beast!!!

Hmm...wonder if they are considering to produce the figure in the last portrait.

Fully accessorized 

----> Release the Nuke.....

Comes with a stand to simulate floating action

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