Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Toy Viewing: Centurions - Dr Terror

It's month end again and finally I managed to bump into Dr Terror. Losing his claw, accessories and helmet, he is otherwise complete but playable. Lttile cleaning and here he is.

Mint box item may easily snatch no less than 100 or more, depending on condition excluding shipping while this piece just cost a small fraction of it.

See f I can get to find his missing parts along the way.

Meantime, just to complete my last topic on Flashback: Centurions - Power Extreme, here comes Doctor Terror to fill up the gap to terrorize the Earth...!!!

I just let my pictures doing the talking on his body details expressed during the 80's period of Action figures in up close and personal.

Head Sculpt shwoing raise eyebrows and wrinkles.

Front body view

Sticker print on side body part

Side view of body part

Stunts which he can do on half of his body and showing his articulation

Body can be balanced by left cyborg leg. He looks more like Robocop.

Back body cyborg detail

A Terracotta warrior stance.

Note: All pictures are copyrighted by jimho.

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