Saturday, March 5, 2016

Marvelous Toad of Marvel Legends


I have only knew about the character of Toad from the X-Men movies but in a comic form, this is what I am amazed at.

Though he may not be a famous dude in in the villains of X-Men compare to Sabretooth, Mystique, he is a very unique mutant in a toad form.

We rarely have action figures for Toad and when Toybiz puts him in their Marvel Legends Series 1, he gradually becomes one of the major hit figures in the series and beyond.

Tracing back more than 10 years, this figure still makes his mark on the Marvel Legends line and I do not think we will get another Toad from Hasbro line. Even if we do, it will rarely be as good as this. For the current lines will run in priority of popular characters and fitting into their body molds. Which makes more cost effective.

So for now, Toybiz Toad still reins in the legends.

Though he has quite limited 12 points articulations being in the first series, the details and sculpt still live up to today's stands. The stitches on his outfit, pointy elves shoes, muddy brown paint shades and a toad which feels rubbery.

In terms of accessories, he comes with a base and if you count that toad that stick to his hand. That's tow!

From Head to Toe, front and back, he is don with details and paints. Excellent job.

As a collector, you should get it!

Price is running a bit pricey even for a loose figure without base. At your decent price, you will not be disappointed. This diorama base which I used here does not come with Toad.

Try not to pay a hefty price for a MISB which you will not bear to release him from the plastic prison.

Happy Hunting!

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