Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Amazing SpiderHulk


The amazing Spiderman breeds a weird creation....SpiderHulk!

Basically, he is Spiderman combine with Hulk. Scientifically, you can think as a mutation or just Hulk cosplaying Spiderman or Spiderman mutate into Hulk.

Whatever reasons you can possibly imagine and I guess this is how he is being thought out by the designer who is crazy enough to try.

Lucky for his craziness and dare, we have this Amazing SpiderHulk action figure to stand among the ranks of Marvel Legends.

With the current toy trends, we will probably not going to get figures rise from such occasion.

Some things may look better now but we lost a lot of weird possibilities in what we can expect in toys now.

Let's look at SpiderHulk. This is a very well build figure with traces of 90's toys that includes a play feature that all seems lame now.

Despite the feature which adults collectors do not appreciate, he is full of surprises in sculpt and articulations especially on his fingers.

The tears of cloth revealing Hulk's green skin is commendable.

Many has complain about his play features but it was design for kids back then so appreciate the era of toys.

Now I have claim another wanted piece of fun. He is worth it!

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