Monday, February 9, 2015

Roar of the Orc Shaman


How often we fight over whether to open the toy or keep it in card? This mental struggle is always vivid for collectors alike but it takes one toy at a time to get this over.

For me, having keeping this awesome Orc Shaman from the Warcraft series designed by DcDirect, I think it is time to crack this beast open and enjoy the hidden beauty carries.

Finally, gotten him out of package, I never regret doing it. This is it!

A very detailed and well sculpted figure with super lack of articulations except for his arms. Technically, he is better off as a statue, not an action figure but the great details that went into him just cannot be denied and thrown away. His armor and clothing have went through great amount of detailing to bring out his sharpness.

The only removable parts are his wolf headgear and hand armor with blades.

I like his stance and the menacing strain he expresses although you cannot change due to his limited articulations.

Well, with a massive size that can much up to Hulk, would you pass over him?

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  1. Awesome looking figure and thanks for the follow over on Instagram too.

  2. This action figure is awesome but I rarely hear people collecting Warcraft action figures.

    1. They have awesome details and design by DcDirect. But very limited articulations. You may want to check them out.