Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Toy Viewing : TMNT Ninja Stealth Bike

It is December again and here comes Santa Claus ! Wait a minute, here come Raphael in his Stealth Bike. The only red about him is his bandana and his red hot temper which he rides in his stealth bike sending Christmas kicks to the bad guys.

This is another interesting toy that can transform into a stealth mode turtle shell. I cannot tell what kind of stealth is it trying to be invisible except you cannot see Raphael when the shell covers up. That's stealth in a turtle shell.

Well, this is interesting and cool enough to play yet add to your collection. Coupled with a yellow helmet Raphael, it is a worth buy for you.

I can only see the difference from the original Raphael is the head with yellow helmet and gloves on his hands, the rest is pretty much the same.

Let's kick some butt with this stealth mode.