Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's the Catch? : Optimus Prime Battle Rig Blaster

Yet another real catch is here! The Optimus Prime Battle Rig Blaster !!!

Appeared in 2006 when the first transformers movie is launched. Hasbro came out with this fantastic truck transformed into shooting blaster toy design and when I saw it over the preview back then, I was amazed by the design and playability of Nerf gun.

This is a toy that is both playable in truck mode and gun mode. The gun is well hidden in the truck mode and you cannot tell from the look it. The functional parts like blaster act as a exhaust in truck mode and the handle which pulls back for transformation do not seems out of place.

With a flip up, it turns into a blaster revealing Prime's robotic hand. But do be careful when you do the flipping action especially for kids.

The three darts provided can be hidden inside the truck. Push in one dart into the gun nozzle and cock back, then squeeze the trigger and pop goes the dart. It shot far and hard, considering it as a toy. So be real careful again. Do not look into the nozzle when loaded!!!.

There are two more designs of the blaster but I still prefer this version which is fantastic in design and good truck mode.

Finally, a transformer toy which I can somehow put some abuse into and play hard with it.

Somehow, I still find the quality of the toys from the first movie is better. This may be partly due to the rising raw material costs of plastics after Revenge of the Fallen and toys in DOTM series seems to be on a "fragile" and frail side.

Don't you think Action figures are getting smaller in size and pricier now? So does transformers too.


Truck mode

Truck front with Prime car plate.

Back of the dump truck with trigger 

Rolling wheels with "Transformers" embossed. Kiddy appeal.
Impressive embossed Autobot logo. Great quality

Back of packaging showing transformation

Semi-transformation mode

Blaster mode

Size comparison with Supreme Roll Out Command Optimus Prime

Overall, get this for yourself. The truck looks like an 80's era of rolling truck which I used to play and it is hardy in appeal. Roll out and dump in.

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