Saturday, June 9, 2018

What's the Catch : Beast Wars Tako Tank (タコタンク Tako Tanku)

This is the year 2018.
Date is 9th Jun.
Day is Saturday.

Been over a year since my last post as I am being lazy in post but actively posting over in Instagram, just like most collectors now.

But this is a day of surprise and worth my writing.

This is the day I found Tako !!! Tako Tank from Beast Wars of Japanese.

He is an octopus vehicle which I do not consider him as a transformer, rather he is a weapon.
From what I research, he is originally designed for Microman but end up in Transformers line of toy.

All MIB with replacement of window by seller in Japan.

Before I post pictures of this exciting find which I have been trying to hunt down for years at a reasonable price, here is the Beast Wars cartoon for you to enjoy the first appearance of Tako Tank and Ikard.

#beastwars #transformers

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