Saturday, February 27, 2016

Flash Back : Mutant Monsters Wolverine #Marvel


Today, I throw you back to the 90's and zoom back to find one of the crazy idea action figures ever created.

I bumped into Mutant Monsters Wolverine upon my arrival in 1996 and he is a wolf clad with torn trails of Wolverine's X-Men classic uniform.

Is he Wolverine that turns into Wolf? Or he is just a wolf getting a hip of Wolverine.

It was design and meant to be Wolverine turning into wolf and howls his way to fight.

There is many imaginations in this figure. He can be a werewolf, Wolverine in Wolf form, Halloween figure and yes, he howls.....Sound gimmick!

In size, he stands up to 7 inches and display the best Wolverine claws that is straight and mean!

The articulations aren't great and very old school and have an ugly gaps at his armpit area. As a howling wolf, he has a jaw articulation to add on.

Overall, a very interesting action figure.

I would recommend if you are an Wolverine fan, Marvel classics, old school collectors, Monsters collectors, go for it!

He is quite rare to come in 2016. Good luck!


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    1. Thanks John. He is a weird idea and odd joints. Very interesting figure that we will never get to see now.